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How to gain more visitors on your website.

For many business and even blogs, increasing the amount of people who view their site is always important, no matter how big or small it is and the question that people ask most is, how do we do it?

Well I’m glad you asked. Although that one simple question has a million answers, we’ve helped to shorten it down into the most important things.

How is it done?

Google AdWords is one way that works, but most business owners are looking to save money, not spend more right? So were going to forget about that one and focus on the other options that don’t cost you a monthly fee to improve your SEO.

The way we like to do it is through generating a website that is optimised because after all, it’s the website that will be seen by the visitors, so to me it feels like a good starting point.

Now a website can look good, but it’s pointless if its not optimised.

A good way to boost the optimisation of your website is to simply have images and pages that have descriptions and keywords that are relevant. If your website is optimised, the chances are that you will get more visitors than your competitors because you will be higher on Google’s search results.

What we hear from a lot of clients is that they “want to increase their web traffic” or they “want more visitors” and that’s all well and good, but to do that you need to know your aims and how you are going to achieve them.

The way that we do it is by following a small selection of guidelines.

-       Improve navigation and appearance

-       Improve optimization and SEO ranking

-       Increase web traffic

-       Generate more leads

Now those points are all well and good to be laid out like that, but its what you do with them that counts.

Navigation and Appearance

What we propose is that we will create a fully responsive website that looks the part and also works across all platforms from laptop to iPhone and will hold all of the same content, but that’s only and element of my first point. We will also clean up the navigation so its simple and coherent, allowing your visitors to be able to seamlessly use it across multiple platforms.

 Responsive Web Design gif by  Karol Podleśny

Responsive Web Design gif by Karol Podleśny


Keyword optimization is often mistreated and isn’t given enough attention. This then leads to people guessing what keywords will be searched, and that will not help you at all. Why have a selection of keywords that will bring 10 customers to your website when you could have a selection that brings maybe 100 or 1000. 

Email Marketing

The final way we would recommend is to use email marketing and I know that a lot of businesses look at it and think “nah it’s not for us” or “how will that help” and this is why you’re wrong.

How many people do you see checking their emails on their phone? I’m guessing quite a lot. Now how many people do you think get a notification when they get an email? Most people do, and that’s most likely including you.

So why not use this to your advantage? If you provide an email marketing campaign that provides an exclusive insight that is beneficial to your customer its not only going to help your business’ awareness, but will also help sales.



Its providing little reminders about your business, allowing you to always be in the back of someone’s mind, to which they will then slowly gain trust and they will then share the message with a friend and the chain goes on.

Great, that’s done its job. People are talking about you.

Now all of that leads to increasing your web traffic and if you have a call to action on your site to prompt them to explore further they will, its human nature, we’re all nosey even if you don’t like to admit it. So the call to action finishes it off and will help to get you that extra sale that you were after.


The Results

Within a year (we never said it would be a quick fix) your company will see a massive increase of visitors.

Now it will take time to happen, and you also have to put the work in to provide the content, however I’m more than certain that it will be worth the journey.

You too can see this change by following these steps and if you’re struggling to, then don’t worry, come to us and we can do it for you.

Let us know how this helps you.

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