Is it time to update your website?

We have redesigned our website, so should you?

Upon redesigning our website we thought that others should maybe do the same. We create a wide range of websites and a lot of clients don’t really know why they want to change, they just do or they just “fancy a change”.  Which is a plausible reason, however it wouldn’t be mine. The reason we updated was to keep up with the times (especially with being a design agency).

The best place to start with the update is to look at who uses the website and how they use it, such as what pages are popular (not all of them can be). Google analytics is your best starting point here. It shows you all the places that your visitors visit most, allowing you to make an informed decision on what needs to be changed.

Now what should you be looking to improve? The answer is simple, just read below.

Responsive Design

responsive website design

This is essential in the digital age. Although many users still use desktops to search your website, it is crucial to allow them to do the same on their mobile when they’re on the move (did you know that on average, up to 50% of your visitors could be using a mobile or tablet). That’s why we make our websites responsive, so people like us can use the websites we want whenever we want, regardless of having a computer in front of me or not.

This is something that all clients are after now, no one wants a website that isn't responsive, it just isn't nice to use and its usability just goes down the drain, yes it is good for desktop but no it is not good at all for a mobile device or tablet.


The older websites have more complicated navigation systems that make it that much more difficult to use on a mobile device, so surely it makes sense to make it easier for them right? You will see that a lot of designers use fancy terms like UX and UI, but they basically mean User Experience and User Interaction. So the way to improve them is simple, make your website clear and easy to use. 

If your navigation is complicated and long, then it is a valid reason to update.

Old Website

Technology has moved on a ridiculous amount and your code could now be out of date and no longer optimized. You want your website to be up to date and optimized because this will get your website higher up in the search engine so more people see it, that’s a bonus right?

We have created a load of websites that were old and quite frankly just needed an update to revive it. Older websites don’t tend to have great SEO and thus lose some of their traffic because people cant find the website, like most people will change their search after scrolling through 3 pages of results, so if your website isn’t on there… well sorry, they’re not going to see it, which is not good news for your sales.

If our website was old and had little SEO, we would be updating it as we speak and so should you.

If you’re thinking to yourself, "my website hits one of these points" then don’t worry, WE can help you.

Lets get to work

If you do choose to get a new website that make sure it’s done right, don’t just go to the nearest person you can find and ask them to do it, chances are, they wont know how to do it well.

We can. We know websites.

There’s nothing we love getting creative and building new websites and if you want to have something that works for EVERYONE then get in touch and we can make it happen.

Lets get creative.

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