Adding a GIF into your images

Getting those GIFs into your images

If you’re like me then you will probably quite enjoy gifs, like take vine for example, there’s some gold on that. When it comes to adding your favorite gif into a funny image its so much different. It takes time, and precision if you want to do it right. Until doing it myself I didn’t actually realise the effort that was put into making it work.

Putting a gif into an image, well that is some work, especially if you need to get rid of the background of the gif. That’s what I did. It took me a solid hour to remove the background from a gif, and that meant editing 40 images. That’s nothing for some of them. 

The stages are fairly simple:

1-    Open the gif and the image in separate artboards in Photoshop

2-    Go to window > timeline and then select all of the gif images (I had 40)

3-    Click the burger menu in the top left of the timeline and then hit copy frames

4-    Go into the other image and paste the frames into the timeline

5-    Click the burger menu again and hit “match layer across frames”

6-    And that’s it. If done correctly you will have an image with the gif placed on top of it and when you hit play the gif will move.

Putting it into your image though is really pretty simple. Just open up the gif and the targeted image in Photoshop and then edit away. Once that’s done, the only thing you need to do is select all the layers of the gif in the timeline and copy and paste them into the image file (hint: make sure you link the layers). Then it’s simply manipulating them into the right place.

 This is how your timeline should look. Again we do not claim ownership of the Gif.

This is how your timeline should look. Again we do not claim ownership of the Gif.

The finished images actually look pretty decent, there’s something satisfying about having a moving aspect in a still image, which is what I think I like about it, although it took me a good amount of time to make.

Let us know if you have done anything like this and how you did it. I suppose people will have their processes and may not be similar to mine.