A Pocket-Sized Camera Drone


Say goodbye to your Selfie Sticks, this mini drone captures pictures and videos in mid-air. 

As popular as the selfie stick was there would have always been the desire of something new to prevent the pain of stretching as far as your arm allows or the awkwardness of being able to see the selfie stick in the picture.  

With AirSelfie, you can take pictures of yourself or with friends from heights, distances and angles that wouldn’t be possible from arm’s length. Capture a panoramic view which would otherwise be unreachable. For example if you were standing among a crowd at a festival and you wanted to remember the thousands of people all watching the same artist.

Other options include the ‘selfie delay timer’ which gives you 10 seconds to get into your chosen position or hide your phone out of sight. You can also take up to 8 consecutive shots if you wanted too. The drone has a built in vibration-absorber system and an in-flight stability system which guarantees you the best results free from any interference.

AirSelfie has a flight time of 3 minutes. You can recharge your AirSelfie through a power bank phone cover which can charge the battery up to 20 times giving 1 hour of flight time overall. Plenty of time to take perfect selfie.

AirSelfie connects to most popular smartphones including the latest iPhones, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. AirSelfie uses its own Wi-Fi network to connect and send your photos or videos straight to your phone.

AirSelfie can be controlled via a free iOS or Android app. You can control the drone’s movements including take off and its height or direction. The app also allows you to post immediately onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so your friends and followers are always up to date with what you are doing.

Nicknamed ‘AirSelfie, it features a 5 megapixel HD camera and four micro propellers reaching heights of more than 20 metres in seconds. AirSelfie is lightweight, thin and smaller than any smartphone making it perfectly portable.