The Game Boy is making a comeback. 

Are you missing the extremely popular portable hand-held console from our childhood as much as we are? We suggest you keep reading NOW!

A company called Retro-Bit is bringing the Game Boy back from the dead later this year.

The original Game Boy by Nintendo retired over 10 years ago; can you believe it? It was released in Japan and the United States in 1989 becoming an immediate hit amongst gamers. The Game Boy is certainly a vivid memory for most of us. However, if you didn’t have a Game Boy when you were younger we are pretty sure you’d recognized one. The Super Retro Boy is essentially a replica of the original Game Boy with a few minor improvements.

The Super Retro Boy will look and perform very much the same. It will have the ability to play original Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance cartridges, meaning your old games including the ever so addictive Tetris, Super Mario and Pokémon will be compatible. In addition, it has a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery, allowing you power for up to 10 hours and a scratch/shatter resistant TFT HD display.

In terms of design, the Super Retro Boy clearly represent the original compact form of the Game Boy. Obvious changes are Super Retro Boy features an extra two face buttons alongside A and B designed to accommodate the Game Boy Advance. You’ll have the choice between a white model which is similar to the original grey Game Boy or in a black model with red buttons.

The Super Retro Boy made its first appearance at CES 2017 trade-show; winning the BEST New Tech Award. There is plenty of excitement already over the mention of the ‘NEW’ console but you will be happy to know it is expected to debut in August 2017 in America with a retail price of $80; that’s just £65 for us.

Retro-Bit have yet to confirm a release date in the UK.