Canon moves into the growing drone market

Of course you’ve heard of Canon, the Japanese photography brand, but the camera giant are now moving into the drone market. The new drone has the rather lengthy name of PD6E2000-AW-CJ1.

The drone itself will be made by Prodone Co who are a Japanese company that Canon invested in during 2016 and Canon will pair one of its own cameras with the drone.  

It has been designed to carry the company’s heavy ME20F-SH camera which can record video at up to ISO 4,000,000 making it perfect to see in low lighting situations, Canon state that it can make out figures during starlight.

Canon’s first drone has qualities perfect for search and rescue situations. The drone is completely weather proof so can take a beating through storms and has a 2-axis gimbal which will diminish any blurry images. The drone can hold up to 10 kilograms of weight although the designated Canon camera only weighs 1.1kg.

Whilst there isn’t a huge amount of information available yet on the drone, it is reported by Canon Rumors to cost about $20,000 (£16,126) and they assume that the camera will be a separate cost on top of it at another $20,000. Therefore, it is safe to assume that normal consumers will not be able to afford the grand total of $40,000. 

Canon will be showing more about this drone at the Video Transmission Expo in Tokyo.

It may be that after releasing this high-tech piece of equipment Canon may think about creating drones at a cheaper price so more people can buy it, especially as drones continue to be a growing market. Would you be interested in a drone made for Canon cameras? 

Watch below for an insight into how this expensive drone works: