Key ranking factors for SEO

SEO for business

Wrapping your head around improving your SEO can be really difficult. For those of you who are super new to this, SEO stands for 'search engine optimisation' and the better your website is optimised, the higher up you show in a search engine results. This increases the amount of people who click on your website because how many of us actually click page two after a Google search?

We mostly click on the first few links that show up on page one for our answers so this is where you should aim for your business website to appear.

We've made a list detailing a few things that can impact your SEO performance.


It is good to have original blog content on your website and the quality of your article is really important because the more optimised the keywords, the more likely it is to shows up in the search engine result page. This is most probably because (a) search engines assume that the length is an indication quality and b) the longer the article is then the more keywords you are likely to use. Key words are important because it shows Google how relevant your article is to what a person searched into Google.

Website quality

This is perhaps the most important because a good quality website is more likely to keep visitors on the page once they click on your site. A website with a high bounce rate is likely to be seen as being bad quality or not relevant by Google. If you want to appear higher up in the results page then ensure your website is good quality. Factors that improve quality are images with good resolution, multimedia posts, a contact page, an aesthetically pleasing design and making sure all your internal site links are working. Additionally, if a website takes too long to load then people will click off it raising your bounce rate. Ideally you want a site that loads within around 3 seconds. Click here to see if its time to update your website.

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After writing articles people can fail to spend time on the headline, but this is really important. Once you make it onto Google Search’s first page of results it will be your headline that makes your article or website link stand out. With a good headline you can easily be clicked first, even if you are number five in the list.


'Backlinks' are links on an external website that link your website URL. So THIS is a backlink on this website because it's a clickable link that takes you back to Google's URL. But why do we want backlinks? The more your website is pasted on other websites, the more Google will see your website as reliable and trusted, improving your SEO. 

Before you can think about backlinks you must ensure you website works seamlessly, looks amazing and has good content because you are trying to encourage another website to put a link to your website on their own. 

Furthermore, the more respected websites with a high 'Domain or Page Authority' which have links to your website, the better your site ranks on search engines. So getting yourself featured on loads of tiny sites would not be nearly as beneficial as only a few, high quality websites.

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Social media:

Its important to have your social media accounts set up and at minimum you want Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google +. Keeping them active is neccessary! The more social media platforms you have then the more potential for external link sources. 

Increasing your company’s reputation on social media will lead to your name and brand being better known thus creating more searches for your company's name on Google, increasing your SEO. 

However, make sure your website is completely ready before you begin worrying about SEO otherwise your bounce rate will be high and your share rate will be low. We created some tips to improve your social media, click here.

Get in contact with us for a beautifully designed, interactive website and we can also help out with your social media accounts by creating them for you and keeping them updated daily. No time to write quality, lengthy blog posts? We can do that for you too! Lets get your SEO increased.