How to use Twitter for your business

Just in case you have no idea about Twitter at all here’s our summary of it: Twitter is an online platform that allows users to share short written content in 140 characters or less with an option of photos, videos or polls attached. Users follows each other’s accounts to stay up to date with them or their services.

Useful terms:

How to use Twitter for business

Tweet - The name of your Twitter posts.

Retweet - Sharing someone’s tweet to your profile is called a retweet rather than a share.

Feed - On your homepage will be a stream of tweets called your Twitter feed.

Twitter handle - Your username.

Mention - When you @ someone’s Twitter handle which notifies them of their mention and is also how you reply to people.

Direct Message (DM) - Private messaging on Twitter but you can only DM someone who follows you.

Hashtag - Including a hashtag gets your tweet to a wider audience because the hashtag places your tweet within others that also have the same hashtag and if people search the hashtag on Twitter your tweet will come up. E.g. #SocialMedia. 

The tips:

  1. Ensure when you sign up that your handle is your business' name, and if its taken then make sure its as close to your business name as possible so people can find your Twitter easier. Make sure you fill your profile out fully with a bio that explains what your business does, your website included in the website section and a profile photo this is your business logo (if you don’t have one yet we can make you one!). 
  2. The people you follow should be relevant to your business or those who could do with your business services - so if you are a website design company then find someone with a poor website design and follow them and enquire if they would like their website created by you. Also follow other website design companies to get an idea of your competitors/support and also follow design tip accounts.
  3. Replying to tweets is a great way to engage with the Twitter community, if you see a tweet thats interesting to you or your company then reply to it even if its literally telling someone their post is interesting. It also gets your brand's name out there. Direct messaging can be another great way to create communication especially if its to advertise your services or a new blog post.
  4. Speaking of getting your name out there, make sure you use hashtags whether its one or four. As explained in terms above people who search that hashtag will probably see your tweet meaning your tweet will get seen by more than just your followers which can lead to more audience interaction such as retweets or follows. 
  5. Try to tweet daily, multiple times a day if you can. Consistent tweets makes your company look reliable and allows the audience see what your company is up to. Also if you’re consistently tweeting then people will be more likely to follow you. If tweeting consistency is an issue, remember we offer social media services and will tweet as often as you want us to. 
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