Dress Smart with Tech

You’ve heard of a smart home (if you haven't then click here). However, people can now wear smart outfits that make everyday life easier. If you had an outfit completley made out of smart items then what would it look like?


  The Smart Cap  is designed to allow long distance drivers to judge their fatigue levels.

The Smart Cap is designed to allow long distance drivers to judge their fatigue levels.

Smart Cap - This hat is capable of reading electric brain activity and is able to process this information to determine an individual’s fatigue levels. It is especially useful for long distance lorry drivers as the fatigue levels get transmitted to a display via Bluetooth which they can keep an eye on. There is the option to remove the tech from the hat if you really like its design. 

Smart Headband - A colourful band worn round a child's head and if they happen to fall into water then their parents phone will get a notification. Extreme? Could be useful for holidays or for very little children.


Senstone necklace - This necklace can record voice memos and then translate them into text on a phone app. It’s not obvious at all that there is any tech inside it and can also be used as a bracelet.

Ringly - This ring is like a mood ring but for tech! It connects to your phone notifications resulting in different colours on the ring representing different notifications making it easy to know whether to check your phone. For example, the colour which signals your taxi has arrived you wouldn't need to get your phone out for, but if you could see the colour for a call incoming then you’d know to check your phone. Though it is quite a chunky design!


 The Samsung NFC Suit.

The Samsung NFC Suit.

Levi Commuter Trucker Jacket - Through touch on sensitive areas on the jacket sleeves you can interact with services such as music and map apps which will translate onto your phone so you never need to press the exact little part of your phone whilst trying to drive/cycle.  

Samsung NFC Suit - This business suit is like the Trucker jacket but you can also unlock your phone and swap digital business cards using your suit sleeves. Means you'll never lose a business card again.

Spinali Design Smart Bikini - Enter your skin type into the phone app and the bikini will measure the temperature throughout the day letting you know when its time to apply suncream again or move to some shade. No excuses for sunburn with this clothing item in your suitcae!


Lechal Haptic Footwear - Lechal’s insoles creates vibrations in the feet allowing those who are visually impaired to walk independently. But for those with sight these can be used to guide you to your destination without having to watch Google maps on your phone, just follow where the vibrations take you! 

Owlet Smart Sock - This one is worn by babies and lets parents know via phone app how the little one’s heart rate is doing or if they’re still breathing and also lets you know if their sleeps been uninterrupted. The video below explains this adorable safety feature fully.