Can you believe we used to deal with these tech problems?

Remember the days of video, CD players and Blockbuster? People refer to them as ‘simpler’ times but it still came with its problems. Relate to any of these? 

Having to search though CD holders.

Watching a long film on two video tapes.

Taking a trip to your local Blockbuster to find a new film and hoping the person before rewound the tape.

Printing out map directions and hanging them up.

Rolling the windows down on cars.

Waiting weeks to see how your photos turned out. 


Not being able to use the internet when someone is making a phone call.


Your CD player not fitting in your pocket.


Accidentally hitting the internet button on your phone and pressing end 50 times so your parents didn’t get charged.


Hoping the DJ stays quiet whilst you record the music on the radio.


Having to wait all day to check Facebook.


Not being able to find an answer to everything. 

Calling your crush and being worried their parents will pick up the phone.

Telling your friends what time to meet and having to trust they will turn up.

Waiting years for your files to download.