Getting popular on social media

Everybody has a social media account, and it's the norm to have multiple platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But are you finding yourself stuck on how to increase your presence/following? 

How to get popular on social media

Read our tips below:

  1. The first step is to set up multiple social media accounts. The more platforms you have then the more people will see your business or brand. The social media accounts you should strongly consider getting are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. But there are others such as Pinterest and Google+.
  2. Once you have your accounts set up you need to be posting on them regularly because not only does it present you as a reliable, consistent brand it also increases the chances of people finding you and following/liking your page. 
  3. Just relying on those who already follow you to interact with your post means you’ll never improve your presence. The best way to reach a wider audience interaction beyond your followers is to include hashtags in your posts which helps people to find you.
  4. To catch the people's attention you will need good quality images otherwise nobody will want to retweet your post or share it, furthermore a low quality image would present your company as one that is not bothered to make an effort.
  5. Including location in your post and social media bio is a great way to attract those who are geographically close to you, especially when potential customers may want their services done by a business in the same town.
  6. Consistency is important and this counts in the style too. Creating a style guide can ensure your social media platform posts are all similar and easily recognisable by your audience. Consistency encourages feelings of trust from your audience. 

It is very common for a business to have someone else manage their social media accounts so you can get on with keeping your business running. JA Creative Studio manage social media for clients so get in contact with us and we will increase your presence allowing you to focus on your other business elements.

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