The JA Creative App Development Team love mobile. We love it so much because of the whole experience, the look, the touch, the addiction.

We are experts in the app development field in Southampton, London and Globally, from idea generation, specification and design to iterative development and quality testing. We build apps from scratch or work from your existing plans. Our experienced team work in an agile way, releasing iterations in short cycles, gathering feedback and improving the software until we have that perfect finished product! Launching your app is only the beginning. You will need to adjust through out time to your audience and their evolving tastes. The JA Creative app development service will build your app with full analytics tracking so you can watch the downloads and user behaviour in real time. You’ll be able to make informed tweaks to keep your users thriving!

We develop apps specific to devices, whether its an iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus9 or MotoG, we can develop specifically or develop to cover all devices with a responsive design that will look and work great on phones and tablets. 


Simple APPS

Our simple apps are up to 4 screens and serve one basic function. Simple apps don’t store any data about the user or about the previous uses of the app.



Our API and Database apps allow for the storing of information through a mobile device or interface with a remote server. These apps have the capabilities to save data on the device, allow for device authentication, or sync data between multiple devices.



At JA Creative Studio we have the ability to create bespoke gaming apps, to our clients specific requirements and needs.